Love your shack! That’s all we’re saying. The rest is up to you. Bikes? Barbeque? Stuff to store? Smart, multi use structures can maximise compact space beautifully. Bespoke durable timber shelters can create a secure bike shed or storage area and incorporate seating, or features like a bee and kitchen-friendly herb roof.

Ready to house the Manchester University Botanical Moss and Fern collection – this shelter is designed to provide a green wall and roof habitat, potting bench and tool storage – as well as shelter from wet weather for staff and students at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester.

Designed and made using sustainable materials, this straw bale building is the first of its kind in Manchester. Located at Hulme Community Garden Centre in Manchester’s inner city, the low-carbon building acts as a classroom, office and meeting space. This photo shows how timber clad walls cover the super- insulating straw bales, which were lined with breathable lime render inside and topped with a green roof to make it a cosy, light-filled structure with a contemporary feel. You can see more at